DATTCO School Bus Driver Credited with Saving Nine-Year Old Girl’s Life


DATTCO School Bus Driver Credited with Saving Nine-Year Old Girl’s Life

East Hampton, CT, February 21, 2017: Randy Kronick, a DATTCO driver for the East Hampton, CT school district, has been credited with saving the life of one of his Center School student passengers.

In early February, nine-year old Naomi Mastroianni was nearly struck by a speeding SUV, that failed to obey the bus stop sign and flashing lights, when trying to cross Main Street to her home where her mother, Paola Mastroianni was waiting and watching. Kronick, who credits the safety procedures put in place by DATTCO, acted quickly when he realized the driver was not slowing down, and rescued the girl from being hit by the oncoming car.

As part of safety procedures, DATTCO drivers are trained to ensure close communication with their students and assist them in crossing streets. Students and drivers typically maintain eye contact, and the students know to wait for cues from the driver when it is deemed safe to cross.

Kronick, who does not consider himself a hero, says he was just doing his job, and that adhering to safety guidelines and making sure students follow the rules and stay in contact with him until they are safely with their parent or guardian is what saved Naomi’s life that day.

This year, DATTCO launched a new campaign – “Safety Starts with Me” – where employees across all divisions have pledged to make safety their priority when on the job. East Hampton Branch Manager Eric Thompson, and Phil Johnson, Vice President of DATTCO’s School Bus Division, agree that Kronick actions in this situation are a prime example of how prioritizing safety and practicing consistency with procedures can make all the difference in a life or death situation.

Since the incident, Randy has slightly altered his route so that Naomi is dropped off directly in front of her home, and does not have to cross the street; a change that was welcomed by the school district, DATTCO, and most importantly Naomi’s mother.

“At DATTCO the safety of the children we transport is our number one priority,” said Don DeVivo, President of DATTCO. “We are so grateful for Randy and his heroic actions. We pride ourselves on employing the best transportation professionals in the country, and Randy certainly is a stellar example of this.”

Randy Kronick is pictured here with Paul Smith
Randy Kronick is pictured here with Paul Smith, Superintendent of Schools and Chris Goff, Board Chair. Photo Credit: East Hampton Public Schools