Rebuilding Together…DATTCO Gives Back to our Local Community

By Roger Wierbicki, Director of Sales, Motorcoach Division

On Saturday, April 29 2017, DATTCO employees took part in Rebuilding Together New Britain. Rebuilding Together’s mission is to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of homeowners in need. 

DATTCO showed why we are a role model in the community by partnering with Rebuilding Together and aiding a deserving individual.

This year, DATTCO was happy to assist New Britain resident Claire LaClair. Claire is an 77 year old elderly homeowner who is unable to do her yard work. Claire, along with her friend Janet, does the best she can to keep-up with the lawn, weeds and light construction projects.

However, with DATTCO’s help, Claire’s yard received some nice finishing touches! DATTCO employees and other volunteers arrived at Claire’s home to weed-whack, revitalize flower beds, mulch and mow the lawn.

Claire was incredibly respectful and grateful to DATTCO through the entire process.

Ron King, DATTCO’s Director of Technical Support,  led the event on-site.

A big thank you goes out to all of DATTCO New Britain for making this day possible:

Thank you 315.

Thank you 583.

Thank you Facilities.

Thank you Maintenance.

Thank you School Bus.

Thank you Sales and Service.

Thank you to all.