DTEC: Training the Next Generation of DATTCO Mechanics

DTEC: Training the Next Generation of DATTCO Mechanics

The DATTCO Technical Education Center (DTEC) is a technician training center located at DATTCO headquarters, 315 South Street, New Britain. Each year a small group of students are hand selected by the program director to train on the latest equipment, with the most current technologies available with some of the best instructors in Connecticut. The program consists of 2,000 hours of hands-on experience, online training and classroom lectures. When the students complete the year-long program they are not only fully certified mechanics, but they are also placed in jobs within DATTCO and receive continuing education.

We sat down with the DTEC group on their last day together in New Britain and asked them what they enjoyed most about their experience over the last year. Overwhelmingly, they all agreed that they felt like they had formed and unbreakable bond; they had found a second family they enjoyed spending time with every single day.

Kevin DeVivo, who came into the program with no mechanical knowledge, said each of them brought different skills and backgrounds to the table, that complimented each other. We all learned from each other. It’s important to have a group of people who you can count on to show up and want to work and do a good job. It provided a great experience for all of us.

Tyler Dievert and Sabrina Pasha both agreed that the environment that their instructors provided to them made it easy to learn and work in, especially because it felt like a second home. Junior Cruz-Diaz, who had the most experience out of the four prior to entering the program, said there was a lot of knowledge to absorb and he learned so much more in this program.

When asked what their most valuable takeaway was the theme was humbling. Sabrina said, “always ask for help; never be afraid to…” and the other three couldn’t agree more. Expanding on that, Kevin felt the foundation of knowledge he gained through the program was bolstered by the “tools” he could access whenever he needs; referring to a computer-based learning center and the knowledge both Ron and Kevin have. Tyler and Junior echoed the sentiment by adding it’s okay to accept that you don’t know everything and that every day is a learning experience.

The foursome spent their last full day together on Friday, July 7th, before transitioning into their work assignments, where they will be for the next few years, coming back to New Britain from time to time for continuing education. Kevin DeVivo will transition to the Preventative Maintenance Shop; Tyler is headed to the Middletown Collision Repair shop, Junior will be working with Sales & Service in New Britain, while Sabrina will join the school bus team on Christian Lane in New Britain.