Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve the New Britain Community!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve the NewBritain Community!

DATTCO has provided transportation for the students of New Britain since yellow school buses were mandated by State law in 1971. Prior to that, the company transported New Britain students to school in transit buses since 1924. Over the many years, it has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of the New Britain community by providing the highest standards in safe, reliable student transportation.

Our contract with the Consolidated School District of New Britain has expired. A new vendor began providing school bus transportation to the District on July 1.

The management, staff and owners of DATTCO would first like to thank our drivers, mechanics, and all DATTCO employees who have collectively logged thousands of years of service safely transporting the students of New Britain. Our drivers, who may be the first people to have contact with students each day, have positively impacted generations of students over the years.

Next, we thank the New Britain community. We consider New Britain an important part of the history and family of DATTCO and wish the entire community continued growth, prosperity and good health!

We appreciate the decades of support from the City of New Britain, the New Britain Board of Education, the staff, teachers, parents, families, and of course, the students who have trusted DATTCO.

On behalf of the entire DATTCO Family,

Donald A. DeVivo President